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"Just an observation. Since adding ferments to my diet, kombucha, wk, sauerkraut, yogurt (I always eaten yogurt but I make my own), pickles, fermented carrots and Brussels, some of my skin issues have subsided. Most notably itchy scalp and dermatitis in ears. - Laura, TX

A Full Selection of Traditional Food Cultures and Spores...
See All We Have...Special Kombucha Strains, Koji & Natto Spores, Kefir, Tempeh, & JUN Honey Culture.
Kombucha Culture Strains & <br>Brewing Supplies
A Great Selection of Kombucha Culture Starter Strains.
Kefir & Yogurt Starter Cultures <br>Organic Grown
Choose From Our Full Line of Organic Grown Dairy Starter Cultures
Real Water Kefir Grain Starters, 5 Types, Organic Grown Kefirs
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Culturing Spore  -  Japanese Koji Spores, Tempeh Starter, & Natto
Section of Koji, Tempeh, and Natto Spores
Buy Tempeh Spore Starter & Supplies
We offer spores in 12gr packets for the home culturist and 250gr packets for the commercial producer
 Buy Koji Spores & Koji - Kin Making Supplies
Koji starter spores will get you making all your favorite Japanese fermented foods in no time.
Pro-Biotic Food Culturing Supplies & Accessories
Culturing Supplies for all Your Home Culturing Needs.
Learn, Grow, and Share Cultured Foods!
Amasaké ready to eat

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- All of Our Culture Starters are Fresh and Ready For Use.

- Our Cultures are Always Live & Fresh... Never Dried or Dehydrated.

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100 percent guarantee - 100% Guarantee that your food starter cultures are viable or we'll send you a replacement culture at no cost. Some restrictions apply*

We are proud to offer many different organic grown culture starters and foods from around the world. From kombucha tea starter cultures, 5 different water kefirs.

Looking for spores? We have tempeh spores, Natto, koji spores for koji-kin rice,
and our newest Tepei spore cakes and JUN Honey Culture

In addition, we have many other healthy and refreshing pro-biotic starter cultures to suit everyone's needs. Our cultures are the real thing and are very hardy and viable! All cultures come with a 100% replacement guarantee, giving you peace of mind when ordering from us. All cultures maintained daily and unlike some sites, they are never dried or dehydrated. Dehydrated culture starters take a longer time to reactive and waste ingredients before they are ready to consume.
We give you living food made the way nature intended.
Live, Grow, Share Traditional Food Cultures!

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We Ship Flat Rate Service to Anywhere in USA or Canada, no matter the amount you order:
- USPS Express Mail only $22.95 (1 to 2 days) anywhere in the USA

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- USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail only $24.45 (6 to 10 days) to Canada

- USPS Flat Rate Express Mail only $38.95 (3 to 5 days) anywhere in Canada

- Most international orders are around $28 USD for USPS Flat Rate Service(6 to 10 days) or $45 USD for Flat Rate Express Service(3 to 5 days), Plus any customs time. We will invoice you via PayPal with the total before shipping. You can see current rates to your country at

Cultured fermented foods and drinks, such as raw kefir or kombucha tea, aid the body and digestive system by providing a rich array of pro-biotic and pre-biotics that assist the body in breaking down hard to digest foods and also providing the body with fresh, active intestinal flora and beneficial bacteria. Pro-biotics increase natural intestinal flora and may help prevent the development of pathogenic germs, including salmonella, E. coli, Candida, and other well-known 'bugs'.

Kefir grains, JUN, ginger brew, and other fermented cultured foods may aid in the digestion, by changing or removing chemicals or compounds found in soy or milk products that some research has shown could be harmful to the body. Certain individuals who have intolerance for dairy products, such as lactose intolerance seen with milk products, a good daily dose of pro-biotics may assist or totally remove the dis-ease. Many people, who cannot use dairy products, find that they can use kefired milk products, made from milk kefir grains, as the active bacteria and yeast break down the heavy proteins and lactose found in different foods.

Most people know of yogurt, real raw cheese, buttermilk, and sourdough bread – all cultured food products. However, in the US, most know little about cultured dairy drinks such as milk kefir (Balkans), Amazake a rice drink from Japan, Fil Mjölk (Sweden), or Fresh Viili (Finland). All these cultures are living foods used for years throughout the world to ferment and preserve food stores. Many of these wonderful cultured foods are used in place of milk in recipes, aids in the preservation other types of food, or to
make many types of fresh soft cheeses easily from your kitchen.

If dairy is not your thing, we have cultures that work for the vegan lifestyle, too! Kombucha and JUN provide a nice refreshing fermented beverage. Water kefir grains are a nice source for a natural lemonade soda or make traditional ginger brew/beer made right at home! What ever your needs, we can get you started on the path of traditional cultured fermented foods and health.

Our Cultures Food Source - All our dairy cultures grown with
certified organic whole milk.

All our other culture starters are maintained on certified organic ingredients or natural sources. Spores are not certified organic, as spores are hard to certify.

* Replacement guarantee good within the USA only, must contact within days 10 days of delivery. * Because of the small risk of pathogen growth in home fermented cultures, it is NOT recommended for those with weakened immune systems, e.g. pregnant women, the elderly, the very young and the chronically ill. Please consult your healthcare professional before using pro-biotics in your diet.

PLEASE NOTE: We ship most of our cultures via Signature Confirmation; please tell us during the checkout process if you need this changed.
We ship most fresh milk cultures on Mondays and Tuesdays,
depending on shipping time, location, and time of year.

During the hot summer months or when shipping to hotter regions, we recommend shipping these dairy cultures with USPS Express Mail 1-2 day ($22.95 USD). All our cultures shipped in professional packaging and ice pack, if needed, to aid the cultures during transport.

For the winter months, please have someone ready to receive the package to keep it from freezing. Please let us know during checkout and we can make sure someone must sign for your package or held at your post office vs. being left in freezing or hot temperatures.

Order now and start making cultured living probiotic food products to use as part of your daily health practice. Pro-biotic and cultured foods, such as kefir grains or kombucha tea, may help reduce or eliminate many common digestive problems and aliments.

~ Happy Culturing...Live, Grow, Share Cultured Foods! ~