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"Best fresh culture selection on the internet" - Andrea H., Hawaii, USA

"We are always happy with the cultures we receive! Well packaged and working within 24 hrs. Will be back again, thanks for providing sure a great selection of starters", - Miranda & Family, Boston, MS

"Just an observation. Since adding ferments to my diet, kombucha, WK, sauerkraut, yogurt (I always eaten yogurt but I make my own), pickles, fermented carrots and Brussels, some of my skin issues have subsided. Most notably itchy scalp and dermatitis in ears. - Laura, TX

A Full Selection of Traditional Food Cultures and Spores...
See All We Have...Special Kombucha Strains, Koji & Natto Spores, Kefir, Tempeh, & JUN Honey Culture.
Kombucha Culture Strains & Brewing Supplies
A Great Selection of Kombucha & JUN
Culture Starter Strains.
Kefir & Yogurt Starter Cultures <br>Organic Grown
Choose From Our Full Line of Organic Grown Dairy Starter Cultures
Real Water Kefir Grain Starters, 5 Types, Organic Grown Kefirs
All Water Kefir Grains on Sale Now - Hurry This Deal Won't Last Long! Real water kefir grains sourced around the world.
Culturing Spores  -  Japanese Koji Spores, Tempeh Starter/ Tapei, <br>& Natto
A Large Selection of spore starter cultures. All spores are maintained under correct conditions. Fresh Section of Koji, Tempeh, and Natto Spores
Buy Tempeh Starter & Tapei Spores
Buy tempeh spores & start making fresh tempeh at home today! We offer starter in 15gr packets for the home culturist and 500gr packets for the commercial producer
 Buy Koji Spores & Koji - Kin Making Supplies
Koji starter spores will get you making all your favorite Japanese fermented foods in no time.
Pro-Biotic Food Culturing Supplies & Accessories
Culturing Supplies for all Your Home Culturing Needs.
More on Traditional Food Cultures...
Never Dried or Dehydrated.

Live, Grow, Share Cultured Food!

Learn, Grow, and Share Cultured Foods!
AmasakÚ ready to eat

"I have been using your cultures since July, and I just can't begin to tell you how pleased I am with them. My Jun has produced multiple babies which are gallon jug size and about a half inch thick. My Kombucha has done the same and my water and milk kefir grains multiplied rapidly too. I LOVE my homemade buttermilk, just wish it had the bits of butter in it that I enjoyed so much as a child. Is there any way of making it where it would have bits of butter? Thanks so much for the wonderful cultures!" ~ Suzy E.

Order an Ice-Pack to Insure Fresh Cultures During the Summer Heat

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- All of Our Culture Starters are Fresh and Ready For Use.

- Our Cultures are Always Live & Fresh... Never Dried or Dehydrated.

- Cultures are Packaged the Day They Ship for Freshness

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100 percent guarantee - 100% Guarantee that your food starter cultures are viable or we'll send you a replacement culture at no cost. Some restrictions apply*

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All our other culture starters are maintained on certified organic ingredients or natural sources. Spores are not certified organic, as spores are hard to certify.

* Replacement guarantee good within the USA only, must contact within days 10 days of delivery. * Because of the small risk of pathogen growth in home fermented cultures, it is NOT recommended for those with weakened immune systems, e.g. pregnant women, the elderly, the very young and the chronically ill. Please consult your healthcare professional before using pro-biotics in your diet.

Order now and start making cultured living probiotic food products to use as part of your daily health practice. Probiotic and cultured foods, such as kefir grains or kombucha tea, may help reduce or eliminate many
common digestive problems and aliments.

~ Happy Culturing...Live, Grow, Share Cultured Foods! ~