Kombucha, Kefir, and Beyond: A Fun and Flavorful Guide to Fermenting Your Own Probiotic Beverages at Home
Real Water Kefir Grains - Kefir de Acqua, Organic Grown Kefir
Sushi, Saké Rice Premium Koda Farms Rice, 15 lb bag
All Our Starter Cultures & Spores...
Amasi Heirloom Yogurt Starter - Organic Grown
Big Book of Kombucha: Brewing, Flavoring, and Benefits of Fermented Tea
Books on Fermentation & Culturing
Bulgarian Yogurt Starter - 10 Packets - Direct From Bugaria
Buttermilk Culture Starter - Organic Grown
Certified Organic Sushi Rice, 5lb - 2.7k, For Making Koji or Koji-kin w/ S&H
Coconut Palm Sugar, Organic, 454g/1lb - Coconut Palm Sugar
Coconut Water Kefir - Kepe Niyog Juice, Organic Grown from the Philippines
Culturing Fermentator Heater Wrap
Culturing Spoon, Bamboo, 12" w/ Holes
Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit - 3 Lids & Pump
Fermentation on Wheels: Road Stories, Food Ramblings, and 50 Home Recipes
Fermentation/Culturing Accessories
Fermented Foods/Yogurt Maker "KAMOSICO" (Brown or White)
Fil Mjolk Dairy/Soy Starter Culture - Organic Grown
Fresh Organic Light Koji Rice - 1360g/3lb - Japanese Koji-Kin
Ginger Brew Start - Organic Grown - Make Ginger Soda or Ginger Ale
Glass Jar, 1 Gal ea, 4 Pack, includes S&H Best Deal!
Goat Milk Dairy Kefir, RAW, Real Kefir Grains Live Starter
Grape Water Kefir Grains - Kefir D'uva Crystals - Organic Grown
Haku Iwashi Whiskey Barrel Aged Fish Sauce (375 ml)
Haku Smoked Shoyu Soy Sauce -
750 ml

Hawaiian Kefir Grains - Hua'Ai Wai, Organic Grown, Water Kefir
Himalayan Kombucha, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain
Indian Traditional Hand Painted Dahi Pot
Instruction Pages & Recipes
Insulated Shipping Box 7" x 7" x 6" With 1/2" Foam, EA
Jaggery Sugar, USDA Organic, 14oz/400g, Jaggery Sugar for Culturing
Japanese Kombu Cha - Kombucha Strain From Japan
Japanese Pickles Making Kit NUKA-BED, NukaZuke Cultured Pickles
JUN Honey Culture Starter w/ Starter Tea - Rare JUN Strain
Kefir & Yogurt Starters
Kefir Yogurt Tanekin Japanese Strain Starter - Organic Grown
Koji & Tempeh Spores, Natto, Rice Wine
Koji Spores & Koji-Kin Supplies
Koji Spores 454g/1lb Commercial Bulk Tane Koji Kin Spore Starter
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores for 15kg RED Mame Koji
Koji-kin Miso Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Mugi Miso
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g spores for making 15kg Kome-Koji Rice
Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake Koji
Koji-kin Spores for Japanese Amazake, Sake, Miso - Koji-kin - 15g
Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - Large
Kombucha Custom Blend Tea, Organic, 4oz/113gr
Kombucha Custom Tea Blends
Kombucha Medicinal Berry Blend Herbal Tea, 4 oz/113g - Make Herbal Kombucha Tea
Kombucha Mushroom Starter Culture, Organic Grown Kombucha Tea
Kombucha/JUN Strains & Supplies
Kombucha/JUN Tea Infuser - 3" Mesh Ball, Stainless Steel
Kuro Koji, Black Koji Kin Spores, 70g for 200kg Kome-Koji Rice
LangFil Yogurt Strain Starter Culture - Organic Grown
Light Tane-Koji Spore Starter "EM" 40g for making 200kg kome-koji
Makgeolli - Korean Traditional Rice Wine - 200g (Makes 1L)
Matsoni/Caspain Sea Yogurt Starter Culture, Organic Grown
Mexican Piloncillo Cane Sugar. 100% Cane Sugar, 8oz/227g
Minerals for Water Kefir Grains, Natural Sourced, 2 oz
MIYAKO KOJI 200g - For Making Miso, Amasake, Sake, or Pickles
Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoya/Soy Sauce - 750ml - Haku
Monk Tea Kombucha Strain, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain
More on Food Cultures...
Natto Kin Spore Starter, 3 gr Packet, Traditional Japanese Natto, Makes 30 kg!
Oncom Spore Starter, Black, 20 g, Like Tempeh
Packaged Fermented Foods
Packaging & Shipping...
pH Test Strips, Kombucha & Cultured Foods, 0-6 pH, 1 roll, 15'
Piima Yogurt Starter Culture - Organic Grown
Probiotic Culturing 2 Pack Special - Kefir, Kombucha, and More
Probiotic Culturing Starter - 3 Pack Special
Pu-erh Aged Tea - Cert. Organic - 100gr
Real Ginger Beer Plant - Organic Grown
Real Kefir Grains Live Starter, Bulk 1 Cup, Organic Grown Kefir
Real Kefir Grains Live Starter, Organic Grown Dairy Kefir
Red Dragon Blend, Kombucha Tea Brew, Cert Organic, 4oz/113g
Reusable Gel Ice Pack 4 oz. Non Toxic 5" x 4", 1 each
Rice Wine Starter 20 Gr - Wine Starter Yeast
Russian Rose Kombucha Starter, Organic Grown, Kombucha Tea
Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoya/Soy Sauce - 750ml - Haku
Shoyu Soy Sauce Koji Kin Spores 20g for 15kg
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South American Herbal Kombucha Tea, 4 oz/113g, Cert. Organic/Wild Crafted
Tape Ketan Hitam Starter (Black Glutinous Rice Tape Starter), 20 gr
Tape Ketan Starter (Fermened Glutenous Rice), 20gr
Tapé Telor (Peuyeum)- Fermented Rice Cake Culture - Tapai - 20gr
Tempeh Ragi Starter Spores - 500gr - Commercial Tempeh Spores
Tempeh Spore Starter Pack - PTS - 15 gr - Make Tempeh
Tempeh Starter & Tape Spores
Thai Traditional Reusable Muslin Tea Strainer for Kombucha Tea
The Art of Fermentation - A Comprehensive Guide to Home Fermentation.
The Kimchi Cookbook: 60 Traditional and Modern Ways to Make and Eat Kimchi
The New Wildcrafted Cuisine: Exploring the Exotic Gastronomy of Local Terroir
Tibicos or Tibi - South American Water Kefir
Tsukemono Japanese Pickle Press for Fermented Pickles, Kim Chi, or Sauerkrauts
Turkish Dried Milk Kefir Starter Culture - 1 sachet up to 3 liters - 2 Packets
Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture - 4 Packs
Viili Dairy/Soy Culture Starter, Organic Grown
Water Kefir Grain Starters
Water Kefir Grains, Organic Grown, Kefir 5-Pack Special
Water Kefir Grains, Organic Grown, Water Kefir 3 Pack Special
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