~ NEW Japanese Kombu Cha Strain Just in From Japan ~

Japanese Kombu Cha - Kombucha Strain From Japan
Japanese Kombu Cha - Kombucha Strain From Japan
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Japanese Kombu Cha - Kombucha Strain From Japan

In our search for different strains of kombucha and kombucha style cultures, our friends from Japan have brought us this culture strain! We are happy with the results and are now bringing this unknown strain to the USA.

Those in Japan have used this kombucha style culture since World War II and most likely it was brought to the islands of Japan by US soldiers. However, unlike the kombucha cultures here these are maintained on matcha green tea, seaweed (We use kombu seaweed, but any sea type will work).

This strain works well for cleansing and detoxing effects with the mineral support from the seaweed and green tea. It produces a snow white culture unlike the traditional kombucha strain.

If you’re looking for something different than just traditional kombucha tea try this kombu cha strain for better health and happiness!

We have a limited number of this kombucha style strain at this time, so order soon.

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