~ Use Our Commercial Grade Custom Tea Blends for Making Kombucha Tea Beverage ~

Kombucha Custom Tea Blends

Choose from many types of custom blended tea when making kombucha tea beverage. Many are the same blends we use when making commercial KT beverage, so they are tried and true! Made with organic and/or wild crafted ingredients giving the best quality for kombucha beverage production and brewing. Try these teas for something different over plain black or green teas. 10% discount when buying more than 4 oz

Kombucha Medicinal Berry Blend Herbal Tea, 4 oz/113g - Make Herbal Kombucha Tea
You can use this tea both for kombucha brewing, as an herbal tea, or even trail mix!!!
$12.95, 4/$46.45
Kombucha Custom Blend Tea, Organic, 4oz/113gr
Try Our Custom Made Tea Blend for KT Brewing !
$12.95, 2/$24.45, 4/$45.45
South American Herbal Kombucha Tea, 4 oz/113g, Cert. Organic/Wild Crafted
Custom Blended Herbal Tea w/ Matte & Da Roots
$10.95, 4/$39.45
Red Dragon Blend, Kombucha Tea Brew, Cert Organic, 4oz/113g
Use this tea blend for a great flavored kombucha brew!
$11.99, 2/$22.45, 4/$43.45
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