Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake KojiZoom

Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake Koji

Koji-kin Spore Starter, 20g Spores Make 15kg Amasake Koji
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This packet is specially isolated strain for making amazake. Contains 20g of Koji-kin spores (Aspergillus oryzae) for making 15kg kome-koji rice. This strain of spores can also be used for home-brewing Japanese ferments such as sake, Miso, Shoyu(Soy-Sauce), Shio-Koji, etc.

This strain finishes with a much more mild taste over the traditional koji spores.

This is a nice packet of fresh koji spores for the price. You can make one large batch or split and make smaller amounts or a little of each recipe type. Just started getting these direct from Japan and they sell very well. We thank our Japanese friends in providing such great products.

Qty NET : 20g

Maker : Hishi-roku, Kyoto Japan or other brand name.

Labeling and manufacturer may vary from photos. Most is by manufacturer: Hishiroku

Ingredients : Aspergillus oryzae

- Shelf Life: 6 months to 1 yr

- Needs to be stored in freezer for longest shelf-life. Freezer - 1 year spore shelf-life Refrigeration - 6 months spore shelf-life. Room Temperature - 1 month shelf-life Note: If using old spores, you may have to use more per recipe to have the desired results.

Use the Standard Koji Rice Instructions for making koji rice found on our main site.

Quick ref: 1.5kg (or 15kg) rice (Short grain, polished) Koji-kin 2g (or 20g) Quality sourced water, no city tap water See link above for details and equipment needed.

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