~ Natto Starter (aka Natto-Moto) is the spore starter culture to make traditional Japanese soybean natto fresh at home! ~

Natto Kin Spore Starter,  3 gr Packet, Traditional Japanese Natto, Makes 30 kg!
Natto Kin Spore Starter, 3 gr Packet, Traditional Japanese Natto, Makes 30 kg!
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Natto Kin Spore Starter,  3 gr Packet, Traditional Japanese Natto, Makes 30 kg!
Natto Spores (aka Natto-Moto) is the starter culture used with soybeans to make traditional Japanese natto-kin. You can make natto-kin (or natto for short) fresh at home. This powdered starter spore culture comes with complete Japanese instructions and a special measuring spoon. We have the English translation at our web site How to make Natto...Natto Kin Spores

The process is a little difficult, but not to hard once you have completed the process a few times. It starts by inoculating cooked soy beans with the natto spores. This incubates in a warm place in serving size container for 12 to 24 hours. Once inoculation is complete you now have made natto-kin. Freeze extra containers, pull, and thaw for use.
Click Here for detailed natto starter instructions.

Packet Contains: 3gr of spores for making approximately 30kg of fresh natto. The natto spores starter will last 6 months in the refrigerator or freezer; 3 to 4 weeks at room temperature. Packaging may differ from photo, however, item is always fresh and direct from Japan.

Ingredients: Japanese natural natto starter spores (Bacillus subtilis natto).

* 3gr make about 30kg of finished natto
* Shelf-life under freezer refrigeration: 1 year
* Needs to be stored in freezer for viable spores.

Ships Fresh From Japan
and we keep only a small amount in stock!

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