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Piima Yogurt
Starter Culture -
Organic Grown

Piima Yogurt
Starter Culture -
Organic Grown
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Piimi yogurt starter contains live active bacteria and cultures at room temperature on the counter: no yogurt maker required! One packet of our yogurt starter can be used to make unlimited amounts of homemade yogurt as it can be serial cultured, reserving a small amount of yogurt from the current batch to inoculate the next batch of homemade yogurt. With care, this yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely.
No more having to continually buy yogurt starter!

- Mild flavor, makes an excellent base for dressings and smoothies - Very thin beverage-like consistency - Cultures at 70-78F, no yogurt maker required! - Reusable culture with care a little from each batch can be used to make the next batch

Description: Our Piima yogurt starter makes a thin cultured beverage. Originating from Scandinavia, it has a number of uses including making an excellent base for salad dressing, cultured butter or for making Piima cream (a sour cream type condiment). This yogurt culture can also be added to milk and consumed as a dairy beverage. Doing so adds beneficial cultures to the milk and many people feel it helps replace beneficial bacteria lost during the pasteurization process.

How to Make Piimi Yogurt: As a mesophilic yogurt culture, this yogurt starter cultures at room temperature. To make a batch of homemade yogurt, the yogurt culture is simply added to milk, stirred, and then allowed to culture on the counter before being placed in the refrigerator.

This yogurt culture can be serial cultured: a small amount of homemade yogurt from the current batch is reserved to inoculate the next batch of homemade yogurt. With proper care, the piima yogurt culture can be used to make homemade yogurt indefinitely. Just save some of the last batch as a starter for the next batch.

Our yogurt starter is maintained on organic cows milk, packaged and shipped fresh to you. We send enough starter to get you making you own culture, plus some for a backup.

Ingredients: - Organic milk, live active cultures. - This product contains no GMO ingredients. - Gluten-free

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PLEASE NOTE: While most cultures will arrive in good condition with USPS 2-4 Priority Mail, during the summer months, we recommend shipping these dairy cultures with USPS Express Mail.

Note: To maintain fresh and viable cultures, we will ship this culture starter out on
Mondays or Tuesdays only.

Now you can enjoy an endless supply of fresh yogurt without ever having to buy another thing, except milk. This culture requires no heating or cooking in its production. Each item contains about 2 oz of liquid dairy starter.
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