Our Line of Pre-Made Cultured and Fermented Foods. ~

Pre-Made/Packaged Fermented Foods
Looking for fermented products to use in cooking or as a condiment? We have a quality line of packaged and produced products to assist you in your culturing cooking experience...

Sakura Cherry Blossom Shoya/Soy Sauce - 750ml - Haku
Cherry blossoms dipped in red shiso vinegar & shoyu
Mizunara Whiskey Barrel Aged Shoya/Soy Sauce - 750ml - Haku
Shoya aged in mizunara hard wood Japanese oak whisky barrels
Haku Smoked Shoyu - <br> 375 ml
Simply amazing ! Smoked Shoyu delivers auniqueness and complexity desired by today's finest chefs.
Fresh Organic Light  Koji  Rice - 1360g/3lb - Japanese Koji-Kin
We Now Offer Fresh Koji Rice
for Your Sake/Miso Brewing
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Last Update 04/2018