Water Kefir Grain Starters

Water Kefir Grain Starters
In our travels around the world from Japan to the islands of Hawaii, we have obtained several types of water kefir grains. Each type has its own makeup different from one another in their structure and food source. Each one has a slightly different probiotic makeup due to the food source
and the area that it came from.
Choose the one that best suits your ingredient resources or try the special 3 pack offer to see which one you like the best! All our organic water type kefirs are fresh, not dehydrated or dried, which keeps them healthy and viable.
Organic water kefir grains are found around the world,
with no two cultures being exactly the same. We see this from growing the water type kefir in our lab and the creation of 'grains' inside the fruits tested.

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All Water Kefir is Vegan - GMO Free - Gluten/Soy Free
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