Russian Rose Kombucha Starter, Organic Grown, Kombucha TeaZoom

Russian Rose Kombucha Starter, Organic Grown, Kombucha Tea

Russian Rose Kombucha Starter, Organic Grown, Kombucha Tea
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We are now offering this special strain that appeared in Russia, during World War II. During that time things like tea and sugar was rationed, if it could be found at all! This strain is conditioned to live off a mix of sugar beets (Non-GMO), rose hips, and elder berries/flowers. It make a wonderful beverage with a red rose colour, we call it 'Russian Rose' .

Includes fresh organic kombucha mushroom cultures and starter tea... complete instructions online.

The organic starter culture you obtain is freshly harvested, packaged, and shipped only after you have placed an order to insure freshness and quality. Kombucha cultures and tea bought through, website, are guaranteed to be from organic sources, free from harmful pathogens, and are packaged fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.

Our organic grown kombucha cultures are 100% guaranteed to grow and produce new cultures or we will send you a replacement culture free of charge.

We also offer on going support offered via email or our hotline to answer any questions you may have.

Cultures are 5.5 inches across and average 1/4" to 1/2" in thickness. All culture are packaged fresh in food grade plastic for shipping.

For more a culturing see our main page Kombucha Tea Mushroom

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