~ Japanese Amazake Rice Making Kit ~Zoom

~ Japanese Amazake Rice Making Kit ~

~ Japanese Amazake Rice Making Kit ~
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All that is needed to make fresh amazake right at home. All that is needed is to buy seasoning's like fresh ginger root, Japanese mustard, herbs, and/or fruits.

Kit Contains:
200g koji rice (Japan)
500g dried high grade sushi rice (Cal, USA)

~ Sweet Amasake Rice Beverage ~

Used in Japan as a sweetener, beverage, or a simple alcoholic drink. Amazake is one of the best known cultured and fermented items from Japan. There are several recipes for amazake that have been used for hundreds of years. By a popular recipe, kōji is added to cooled whole grain rice causing enzymes to break down the carbohydrates into simpler unrefined sugars. As the mixture incubates, sweetness develops naturally. By another popular recipe, sake kasu is simply mixed with water, but usually, sugar is added. In this recipe, amazake becomes low-alcohol beverage if given time.

Amazake can be used as a dessert snack, natural sweetening agent, food for infants, added in salad dressing or smoothies. The traditional drink (prepared by combining amazake and water, heated to a simmer, and often topped with a pinch of finely grated ginger) was popular with street vendors. It is still served at inns, tea houses, and at festivals. Many Shinto shrines in Japan provide or sell it during the New Year!

Use the finished product to make a non-sugar sweetener, a beverage, even a simple grog called, Doburoku ( どぶろく or 濁酒 ). Fin

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