~ Instruction Pages & Recipes ~

Click on the links below to go to our main website where you may find all the instruction sheets for all our culture starters. The instructions may be viewed online or downloaded and printed out. We provide these instruction sheets beforehand so you may see the details in the culturing process, skill level required, and any equipment needed.

We also have a great selection of recipes for using your freshly cultured pro-biotic foods. From cultured buttermilk pancakes, cheese making, to flavored kefir drinks, you can find many traditional and time-tested recipes at our main website!

Kombucha Mushroom Culture

JUN - Honey Culture

Kefir Grains Starter, Milk/Dairy

Kefir Grains Starter, Water

Grape Kefir - Kefir D'uva Crystals

Tibicos/Tibi - Kefir Water Type

Ginger Brew

Tempeh - PTS Starter

Koji Rice From Koji Spores

How to Make Natto Natto-kin

Viili Milk/Dairy Yogurt

Fil Mjölk Milk/Dairy Yogurt

Piima Milk/Dairy Yogurt

Matsoni/Caspian Sea Yogurt

Butter Milk Starter

Plus Many More…
See Complete Listing Here

Happy Culturing !
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