Kefir & Yogurt Starters

Kefir & Yogurt Starters
We have 3 new yogurt starters you won't find anywhere else... LångFil, Amasi Heirloom Yogurt, buttermilk, and Japanese Tanekin Kefir Yogurt.
All Yogurt Starters on Sale Now !

NOTE: Customers from AU, customs will not allow any dairy items into Australia.

Try our great line of freshly dehydrated, dairy starter cultures. Make real kefir, old fashion buttermilk, or many types of traditional yogurt culture starters. All you need is fresh whole milk and your culture will set in 12 to 24 hours, ready to eat
or add to your favorite recipe!

Each yogurt starter makes a delicious homemade yogurt that is ideal for the home food culturist. No need of boiling and cooling milk before use or incubating your yogurt starter in a warm oven or home yogurt maker for hours before it will set, however, the Bulgarian starter does. Most of these yogurt starters are mesophilic yogurts (Room temperature culture starters). In about 12-24 hours, these yogurt starters will have 'set' and made tempting homemade yogurt, which after chilling, is ready to be flavored, eaten plain, or made into fresh pro-biotic cheese. No need for the extra expense and bother of a home yogurt maker or heating mats to produce a finished product. If your house is cold during the winter months you may need a heating source to
ensure a good quality product. Happy Culturing!

We've ordered Cultures for Health and other culture starter sites, however, nothing compares to the freshness and hardiness of your kefir & yogurt starters. - Mary G, Ohio

Live, fresh kefir grains...worked great and faster than dried kefir grains. - Kim J, MS, USA

The yogurt starter worked beautifully overnight. Thank you! Very Happy. - Kate, KS, USA

I keep coming back because Organic-Cultures has the best starter cultures! - Dan, KY, USA

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I received my goat kefir grains.. I have been battling a severe GI problem for 3 years; nothing has ever worked and I usually have reactions to it all anymore (medical and natural food/supplements).
Anyhow last night I drank my first glass..

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