Fermented Foods/Yogurt Maker "KAMOSICO" (Brown or White)Zoom

Fermented Foods/Yogurt Maker "KAMOSICO" (Brown or White)

Fermented Foods/Yogurt Maker "KAMOSICO" (Brown or White)
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~ Product Description ~

Product Features: ◆ The fermented cultured food diet that can all be made with this unit. ● Mastsoni/Caspian Sea Yogurt, Takekin Kefir Yogurt, or any of our yoghurt starters, etc. Various yogurts and fermented foods such as salt koji/miso/ amazake/natto can be made with this single one unit.

◆ Temperature control in 1-degree centigrade. Also supports long fermentation times. ● KAMOSICO can adjust the temperature in 1 C unit within the range of 25 C to 65 C, timer function can be set from 1 hour to 48 hours and it also supports long fermentation such as natto or salt koji.
- Setting temperature: 25 ℃~65 ℃ 3 ℃ /
- Timer temperature: 1 to 48 hours
- Rated power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
- Rated power consumption: 25 W

◆ With this one unit, your original fermented meal is ready made! Which in turn may assist with healthier skin and complexion, also health improvements in the intestinal environment.

● Fermented meals including salt koji, miso, sweet sake, and natto are all traditional Japanese cultured foods.

● With KAMOSICO, anyone can easily send a rich fermentation food life

◆ All KAMOSICO has all-in-one set ● Everything necessary for making fermented food such as draining basket, paper filter etc is set and it is possible to make a fermented meal within a day.

Item Weight: 2.95 pounds

Comment: "A convenient appliance for homemade fermented foods.

In the first week after I received it. I had used it to produce homemade Natto, Yogurt, and sweet fermented-rice. They all came out perfectly thanks in part to this food maker. It comes with two plastic containers. I use one for Natto exclusively and the other for everything else. A transformer for Japan/USA voltage conversion is not needed at all. It is a very solid product. " - Customer Review
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