Hawaiian Kefir Grains - Hua'Ai Wai, Organic Grown, Water KefirZoom

Hawaiian Kefir Grains - Hua'Ai Wai, Organic Grown, Water Kefir

Hawaiian Kefir Grains - Hua'Ai Wai, Organic Grown, Water Kefir
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Vegan - GMO Free - Gluten/Soy Free

When in Hawaii during our recent 2013 travels, we met an old man making fermented Hua'Ai Wai (fruit water/juice). He made it fresh every night with raw fruit juices and chunks of fruit to sell in the morning and throughout the day. His most popular flavor was Wai hua ái liliko í-‘alani-kuawa, or passion-orange-guava flavor. The locals were buying him out every day!

Through his good nature, we obtained some of his water grains and brought them back to the mainland US. He stated that the grains were magic and appeared in the fermented fruits that were left setting out for a week or more. He never got grains from an outside source. From our lab testing, we have also seen the traditional water kefir grains grow inside figs left for a week or more. Therefore, we knew he was proving what we
had already seen in our lab!

Common water kefir grains are easy to find in the USA, these grains will ferment many types of fruit juice, either raw or pasteurized. Traditional the Hawaiian grains are cultured on fresh raw fruits that grow on the islands. They are different in that they work better on a pure juice/fruit diet vs. a water kefir grain recipe with sugar and dried fruits.

See the description under traditional water grains for benefits and probiotic content.

Kefir grains are grown with 100% organic ingredients. You get 2 tablespoons full + of live grains, not dried or dehydrated, to get you started making this wonderful cultured food! Enough to make a half gallon of finished product. Your kefir grains will
grow in volume over time.

This culture requires no heating or cooking in its production. 100% organic vegan grown!
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