Who We Are...

Here at Organic Cultures, we work to provide you with the freshest, organic grown, home food cultures. We have been maintaining these traditional food cultures, in our Culture Bank, since 2005. We are always looking to gather more cultures to provide you with a wide assortment of products for your home culturing experience!

Our Contact Information

By email:
info (at) organic-cultures.com

By Standard Mail or Mail Orders:

General Delivery
Buckley, MI 49620 USA

Culturing HOT Line:
1.231.631.1012 (between 4PM - 8PM EST/GMT -5)
You can also text us with any questions

info (at) organic-cultures.com

100% Guarantee that your starter cultures are viable and will reproduce or we'll send you a replacement culture at no cost. (Some restrictions apply*)

* Our 100% replacement guarantee is good for USA orders only. Because of the nature of this product, just like music CDs, we cannot give money refunds for non-viable cultures. However, we will send a replacement to USA customers if culture is damaged in transit.

Due to international customs delays, unknown transportation routes, and longer shipping times, this guarantee
does not apply to orders shipping to Canada or other international addresses.

We ship to the US, Canada, and most international locations. For international orders containing dairy type cultures, please use USPS Express mail service, so the cultures get to you quickly.
To see current shipping rates go to www.usps.com
See more information on international orders here

Happy Culturing…Live, Grow, Share Cultured Foods

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