Himalayan Kombucha, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha StrainZoom

Himalayan Kombucha, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain

Himalayan Kombucha, Organic Grown, Rare Kombucha Strain
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Himalayan Kombucha Strain Originates from Northern India. Brewed and maintained on a mix of fresh or canned fruit and jaggery sugar, no tea.
Said to be a very strong healer and cleaner for the body.

For the common person in India, tea is costly where sugar is cheap and may come from many different sources. For kombucha in this part of the world, it is adapted to grow with fruit and unrefined sugar as the food source. Traditional kombucha cultures found common in the USA grows on a mix of black tea and sugar. This culture is a great strain for those who do not want caffeine in their diet!

This strain of kombucha likes a little higher temperature during the brewing cycle of around 78 to 84 deg F.

Start brewing your own kombucha tea with this deluxe starter culture. Great aid as part of your holistic health practice. Includes fresh organic kombucha mushroom cultures and starter tea... complete instructions online.

The organic starter culture you obtain is freshly harvested, packaged, and shipped only after you have placed an order to ensure freshness and quality. Kombucha cultures and tea bought through, Organic-cultures.com website, are guaranteed to be from organic sources, free from harmful pathogens, and are packaged fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.

Our organic grown kombucha cultures are 100% guaranteed to grow and produce new cultures or we will send you a replacement culture free of charge.

We also offer ongoing support offered via email or our hotline to answer any questions you may have.

Grown with cert. organic ingredients. Cultures average 1/4" to 1/2" in thickness and provide an ample amount of KT to start brewing this wonderful beverage. All cultures are packaged fresh, the day they ship, in food grade plastic for shipping. For more on culturing see our main page Kombucha Tea Mushroom Instructions

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