Iron Fired Miso - Tekka Miso - 80grZoom

Iron Fired Miso - Tekka Miso - 80gr

Iron Fired Miso - Tekka Miso - 80gr
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Iron fired miso is also a basic food of macrobiotic. It is said that by eating iron fermented soybean of extreme positive food every day, it prevents anemia, improves coldness, and strengthens constitution.

State of making Iron Fire Miso: Iron miso is carefully made in the rich nature of Ryujin village, Wakayama prefecture. The ingredients are Hatcho Miso, burdock root, lotus root, carrots, sesame oil, ginger. It is all selected domestic material.

The sesame oil is heated in the cauldron and stir in all the vegetables thoroughly. Adding the Hachigo miso and stirring it carefully for a total of 5 hours while stirring by hand.

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