Grape Water Kefir - Kefir D'uva - Organic GrownZoom

Grape Water Kefir - Kefir D'uva - Organic Grown

Grape Water Kefir - Kefir D'uva - Organic Grown
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Vegan - GMO Free - Gluten/Soy Free

Grape water kefir grains or Kefir D’uva crystals are similar to milk or a dairy kefir grain, however, this strain was received from Western Europe.

It is grown and cultured only with organic grape juice. The use of only grape juice or freshly crushed grapes has changed the structure of the grains, making them different than the traditional water kefir grains. This is a great pro-biotic for kids, as it tastes just like grape soda, with all the fuzziness. We call it natural carbonation!

Very easy to make! This type of water kefir needs no refrigeration when making, just for the finished product, to keep it from fermenting further. After 10 to 48 hours a batch is finished, just strain out the Kefir D’uva crystals and start a new batch with the above ingredients to start the process over again. The taste of this water kefir is like an unfinished wine but without the heavy alcohol content. Have your wine and pro-biotic, too!

Our Kefir D'uva grains are cultured in 100 % organic grape juice. See the description under traditional water kefir grains for bacteria and yeast strains, plus pro-biotic content.

Grains are grown with 100% organic ingredients. You get 1 tablespoon full + of live grains, not dried or dehydrated, to get you started making this wonderful cultured food! Enough to make a half gallon of finished product. Your kefir grains will grow in volume over time.

This culture requires no heating or cooking in its production. 100% organic vegan grown
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