Real Water Kefir Grains - Kefir de Acqua, Organic Grown KefirZoom

Real Water Kefir Grains - Kefir de Acqua, Organic Grown Kefir

Real Water Kefir Grains - Kefir de Acqua, Organic Grown Kefir
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Vegan - GMO Free - Gluten/Soy Free
Water kefir crystals or Kefir d'acqua is similar to milk or dairy kefir but are cultured in a water-based mixture of cane sugar, whole organic figs or other dried fruit, and organic lemons. Also known as tibi or tibicos, Japanese water crystals, or kéfir de fruits in French. Water kefir can also be made with fruit juice or coconut water. These are true Japanese Water Kefir Grains, which differ from the milk kefir grains in form and size. Many speculate it originated in Mexico where it thrived in the sugary water of the Ountia prickly pear cactus.

Our water grains are the real thing and freshly packaged the day they ship, never dried or dehydrated!

The water grains are very close in make-up to the milk kefir grains with strains of lactobacilli, streptococci-lactococci, acetobacter and yeasts.

A very nice pro-biotic for vegans or others who do not wish to have dairy in their diets! This is a great pro-biotic for kids, as it tastes just like lemon-aid, but with fuzziness, just like soda. We call it natural carbonation!

Very easy to make! These grains need no refrigeration. When a batch is finished, just remove the old fruit (You can eat this fizzy fruit, too!) and pour off the finished cultured water to drink. The kefir grains will stay at the bottom of your container, so no need to strain.

To start the process again, add fresh fruit and sugar to un-chlorinated water and drop in the kefir grains. That’s it! The next batch will be ready in about 24 to 48 hours. This finished product may be drank or bottled and fermented again for a day or so to produce an even more natural carbonated beverage ready to go!

Water kefir is a great alternative for vegans or those that prefer not to use milk in their diets. Order today and start making your own fresh natural soda drinks!

Grains are grown with 100% organic ingredients. You get 2 tablespoons full + of live grains, not dried or dehydrated, to get you started making this wonderful cultured food! Enough to make a half gallon of finished product. Your kefir grains will grow in volume over time.

This culture requires no heating or cooking in its production. 100% organic vegan grown!
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