Kombucha 3 Pack Special - Kombucha Mushroom Tea StrainsZoom

Kombucha 3 Pack Special - Kombucha Mushroom Tea Strains

Kombucha 3 Pack Special - Kombucha Mushroom Tea Strains
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Our new special on kombucha strains from around the world, plus the popular JUN honey culture.
See individual items for detailed descriptions.

Traditional Kombucha Strain

Start brewing your own kombucha tea with this classic KT starter culture. Great aid as part of your holistic health practice. Includes fresh organic kombucha mushroom cultures and starter tea... complete instructions online.

JUN Honey Strain

What is Jun Honey Culture? Those of you who are familiar with Kombucha tea may have heard of its rarer cousin Jun. Kombucha is a slightly different fermentation process from JUN and contains different strains of bacteria. Jun beverage taste like raw honey mead with a sour note – fizzy sweet with a tangy back taste.

Some people think that JUN honey culture is just a high priced kombucha culture mushroom, however, once working with the JUN one can see that it is not the same makeup as the traditional kombucha mushroom culture.

Jun, on the other hand, is a fermentation of raw honey and brewed green or white tea also by a SCOBY. However, since Jun was widely brewed and cultivated in the colder Tibetan regions, it takes longer to ferment and reproduce a new JUN culture if the climate is cold. It likes slightly cooler temperatures and seems to have as shorter brewing cycle, 3 to 7 days, to complete the fermentation process if the temperature is higher, around 65 to 70 deg F.

Our JUN honey kombucha culture was brought back from Northern China/Tibet within the last few months and is a new strain that we now carry. The price is higher over kombucha starter, due to the cost of ingredients and the rarity of the strain. You will maintain the Jun culture strain (OC-0978jun) on a food source of raw or pasteurized honey and organic green or white tea. Darker black teas are not recommended.

Himalayan Kombucha Strain

Originates from Northern India. Brewed and maintained on a mix of fresh or canned fruit and jaggery sugar, no tea.
Said to be a very strong healer and cleaner for the body.

For the common person in India, tea is costly where sugar is cheap and may come from many different sources. For kombucha in this part of the world, it is adapted to grow with fruit and unrefined sugar as the food source. Traditional kombucha cultures found common in the USA grows on a mix of black tea and sugar. This culture is a great strain for those who do not want caffeine in their diet!

This strain of KT likes a higher temperature during the brewing cycle between 75 to 80 deg F.

Japanese Kombu Cha

Those in Japan have used this kombucha style culture since World War II and most likely it was brought to the islands of Japan by US soldiers. However, unlike the kombucha cultures here these are maintained on matcha green tea, seaweed (We use kombu seaweed, but any sea type will work).

This strain works well for cleansing and detoxing effects with the mineral support from the seaweed and green tea. It produces a snow-white culture, unlike the traditional kombucha strain.

Monk Kombucha Strain

The ‘Monk Tea’ strain of the kombucha mushroom starter comes from the far reaches of the Tibetan Mountain Plateau, where the monks have maintained this kombucha culture strain on a combination of raw honey, Goji berries, and Tibetan Pu-Erh tea, and other herbals.

One of our higher-grade kombucha culture ‘mushroom’ starters, that we now offer to you. Grown with cert. organic ingredients. Culture is 5.5” across and packaged fresh the day it ships.

See our selection of kombucha tea blends for 'Monk Tea' bulk blend.

Choose one of each type or 3 of the same kombucha strains!

Hurry this offer won't last long, buy now.

The organic starter culture you obtain is freshly harvested, packaged, and shipped only after you have placed an order to ensure freshness and quality. Kombucha cultures and tea bought through, Organic-cultures.com website, are guaranteed to be from organic sources, free from harmful pathogens, and are packaged fresh, after you place your order, for purity and quality control.

Our organic grown kombucha cultures are 100% guaranteed to grow and produce new cultures
or we will send you a replacement culture free of charge.

We also offer ongoing support offered via email or our hotline to answer any questions you may have.

Cultures are 5.5 inches across and average 1/4" to 1/2" in thickness.
All cultures are packaged fresh, the day they ship,
in food-grade plastic for shipping.

For more a culturing see our main page Kombucha Tea Mushroom Instructions
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