Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - LargeZoom

Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - Large

Kombucha Culturing Gloves - Vinyl Disposable - Large
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A high percent of germs, bacteria, and wild yeast are transferred from under the fingernails or traces of dirt upon the hands. When placed in a liquid, transfer of any of these organisms are automatic. These gloves are great for people that work with the soil or a lot of chemicals!

We now offer powder-free, latex-free disposable gloves to assist in maintaining and handling of food cultures. This industrial grade, powder-free vinyl gloves contain no latex proteins. Made from clear vinyl (PVC) 5 mils thick, and powder free to avoid the possibility of residue in brewing containers or liquids. These are the same gloves used in the produce departments of organic certified Co-Ops and grocery stores across the USA.

By using gloves when handling live cultures the user is provided with an extra level of protection against unwanted mold or spore contamination, cross-contamination with other culture starters, and for safety. No more worrying that your hands are clean enough or not.

Aids in reducing the introduction and contamination from foreign or dangerous pathogens, unwanted bacteria, or yeast this may keep your cultures stronger and more viable in the long term.

These gloves are a recommended accessory for all home culturist and fermenters alike. Only one glove is needed for most culturing processes so this will give many more uses per box. From making koji rice, kombucha tea brewing, or other fermentation/culturing.

100 vinyl gloves per box, large size only.
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