Kombucha & JUN Strains & Supplies

Kombucha & JUN Strains & Supplies
We started brewing and selling kombucha tea products in 2000, more than 15 years of providing our customers with the highest quality organic kombucha
starter cultures on the market.
In 2000, there were only three major kombucha suppliers online, us being one of them. Now compared to today, with a market flooded with inferior products it may be even harder to find a quality kombucha tea starter culture. Our cultures are over 10 years old and have a 100% replacement guarantee. Know that when ordering from us you will receive an authentic culture starter, to give you peace of mind!

Kombucha tea starter contains Acetobacter, Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, and Gluconacetobacter bacteria and yeast in various amounts and strength.

"Best looking kombucha cultures I have seen" - Cherrian E., AU
"Large starter cultures and tea, ready to go right from the packet. Enjoying my kombucha right now" - Don K., AK, USA

Traditional Kombucha - Tried and True KT Starter, maintained over 15 years
Monk Kombucha Strain Straight from Tibet, given to and blessed by the monks there. Brewed on a mix of Goji berries, Pu-erh tea, and raw honey
Himalayan Kombucha Originates from India. Brewed and maintained on a mix of fruit and jaggery sugar, no tea. Said to be very strong healer for the body and cleansing.
JUN Honey Culture Coming from the region of Tibet/China. We think the best strain for taste! Brewed with green tea and raw honey!
Russian Rose This strain gifted to us in the Ukraine. This culture strain brewed in the old traditional Russian method, using elderberries, rose hips, and beet sugar or other types of sugars.
Japanese Seaweed Tea New from Japan. An unknown kombucha strain used in Japan. Brewed with green tea powder, nori, and Kombu seaweed.

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