Koji-Kin Rice Spores - Aspergillus Oryzae - 100g/200kgZoom

Koji-Kin Rice Spores - Aspergillus Oryzae - 100g/200kg

Koji-Kin Rice Spores - Aspergillus Oryzae - 100g/200kg
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SA-108 koji starter spores will get you making fresh rice koji for all favorite Japanese fermented foods.

Close to the standard Chouhaku-Kinfor making Koji rice, light-colored miso, white sweet miso, and amazake (sweet sake).

Making your own koji starter is a 2-step culturing process: First is to make rice koji rice with the spore culture, Koji-kin, which can be made as a large batch and stored or frozen for later use. Then the second half of the process is making the desired cultured food, such as miso, saké, pickled cultured vegetable condiment, or the fresh amasaké, which is very easy to produce.

This culture is best suited for a person with some culturing experience. However, complete instructions are on our main site so anyone can try. Koji rice is a needed ingredient for making Japanese saké, sweet white Shiro Miso (1 month) and light yellow Shinshu Miso (6-12 months), and almost all traditional Japanese cultured food products.

Maker: Hishi-Roku, Kyoto Japan or other brand names.

Labeling and manufacturer may vary from photos.
Most is by manufacturer: Hishiroku

Ingredients: Aspergillus Oryzae

- Shelf Life: 6 months to 1 yr+.

Store in freezer for longest shelf-life.
Freezer - 1 year+ spore shelf-life
Refrigeration - 6 months spore shelf-life.
Room Temperature - 1 month shelf-life
Note: If using older spores, you may have to use more per recipe to have the desired results.

Use the Standard Koji Rice Instructions for making koji rice found on our main site.

Quick ref: - 1.5kg (or 12kg) rice (Short grain, polished)
- Koji-kin 2g (or 15g)
- Quality sourced water, no city tap water.
See link above for details and equipment needed.

Koji-kin spore starter pack contains 100g of fresh spores and can make up to 200kg of rice koji.
Full instructions and many great recipes at our main website - www.organic-cultures.com. Standard Kome-Koji Instructions
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