Koji Rice 200g - Make Miso, Amasake, Sake, or PicklesZoom

Koji Rice 200g - Make Miso, Amasake, Sake, or Pickles

Koji Rice 200g - Make Miso, Amasake, Sake, or Pickles
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Dried koji mold (Kome-koji, Koji-rice) for home-brewing Japanese sweet sake, amasake, Miso, Shoyu(Soy-Sauce), Shio-Koji, etc.

Factory sealed packages already lightly dried and ready for use. Making of the kome-koji and drying it correctly are the first and hardest steps. This koji rice uses a long-hair Aspergillus oryzae mold spores and the effects are extraordinary. Since low-temperature drying is carried out, there are even distribution levels like freshly made koji.

Question: Can you make amasake with this?

Answer: Yes, this can be used to make amasake, light misos, or sake.

Question: Can you make Shio-Koji/salt koji with this?

Answer: Yes, then it is used in other recipes in place of salt.

Question: Just received this, never actually used it. Is it supposed to look like it has white mold growing in it?

Answer: Yes, that is part of the magic! Use it to make any Japanese style foods...miso, amasake, shoyu koji, or sake!

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About the Product:

- Miyako koji square type 200g
- Raw material: Aspergillus oryzae from Japan
- Best-before date: One year
- Store under cool temperature or in freezer
- Round grain first-class rice is used for raw material (no waste rice is used).

Buy koji rice or koji spores to make sake, miso, and amasake.
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