More on Food Cultures...

More on Food Cultures...

We are proud to offer many different organic grown culture starters and foods from around the world. From 5 kombucha tea starter cultures,
and 5 different water kefirs we have you covered.

Looking for spores? Offering one of the largest USA selections of spores. We have Tempeh starter spores, Natto,
7 types of Koji spores for koji-kin rice, miso, or sake.
Our newest selection of several types Tepei spore cakes

Kefir grains, JUN, ginger brew, and other fermented cultured foods may aid in the digestion, by changing or removing chemicals or compounds found in soy or milk products that some research has shown could be harmful to the body. Certain individuals who have an intolerance for dairy products, such as lactose intolerance seen with milk products, a good daily dose of probiotics may assist or totally remove the dis-ease. Many people, who cannot use dairy products, find that they can use kefired milk products, made from milk kefir grains, as the active bacteria and yeast break down
the heavy proteins and lactose found in different foods.

Most people know of yogurt, real raw cheese, buttermilk, and sourdough bread – all cultured food products. However, in the US, most know little about cultured dairy drinks such as milk kefir (Balkans), Amazake a rice drink from Japan, Fil Mjölk (Sweden), or Fresh Viili (Finland). All these cultures are living foods used for years throughout the world to ferment and preserve food stores. Many of these wonderful cultured foods are used in place of milk in recipes, aids in the preservation of other types of food,
or to make many types of fresh soft cheeses easily from your kitchen.

If dairy isn't your thing, we have cultures that work for the vegan lifestyle, too! Kombucha and JUN provide a nice refreshing fermented beverage. Water kefir grains are a nice source for a natural lemonade soda or make traditional ginger brew/beer made right at home! Whatever your needs, we can get you started on the path of traditional cultured
fermented foods and health.

Our Cultures Food Source - All our dairy cultures grown with
certified organic whole milk. All other cultures are maintained on certified organic and/or wild-crafted ingredients.

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Live, Grow, Share Traditional Food Cultures!

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