Oncom Spore Starter, Black, 20 g, Like Tempeh, Rhizophus OligosporusZoom

Oncom Spore Starter, Black, 20 g, Like Tempeh, Rhizophus Oligosporus

Oncom Spore Starter, Black, 20 g, Like Tempeh, Rhizophus Oligosporus
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Black Oncom Starter Spores with rice powder as a carrier 20gr. Oncom is one of the traditional staple foods of West Javan (Sundanese) cuisine, and Indonesia. There are two kinds of oncom: red oncom and black oncom. Oncom is closely related to tempeh; both are foods fermented using mold spores.

Usually oncom is made from the by-products from the production of other foods -- soybean tailings (okara) left from making tofu, peanut press cake left after the oil has been pressed out, cassava tailings when extracting the starch, coconut press cake remaining after oil has been pressed out or when coconut milk has been produced. Since oncom production uses by-products to make food, it increases the economic efficiency of food production.

Our potent Oncom starter is produced by a traditional process, which gives the tempeh that special taste and texture. This Oncom Starter Kit can produce more than 10 Lbs of ready to use Oncom and contains enough starter for 4 normal batches. Every batch gives you 8 cups of FREE soymilk!

The Oncom culture contains spores of a Rhizophus Oligosporus Culture and rice powder, needed as a mixture medium, which makes oncom, and keeps the traditional taste!

Make your own Oncom, just order our Oncom Starter, we include clear instructions. Shipping is cheap, and soon you will be eating your own Oncom, and the bonus FREE Soymilk.

Contains: Black Oncom Starter (Rhizophus Oligosporus Culture mixture), Rice Flour. Does not contain MSG or preservatives. GMO free.

This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility that does NOT produce wheat, dairy, nut, or fish products.

Storage: This starter culture should be stored in the freezer for long-term potency.
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