Ryujin Mamizo - 100g - Shiso & Plum VinegarZoom

Ryujin Mamizo - 100g - Shiso & Plum Vinegar

Ryujin Mamizo - 100g - Shiso & Plum Vinegar
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This is a nice condiment for dishes or to make Umeboshi plums. Mushrooms made from Wakayama's organic pesticide-free chemical fertilizer were crushed with Okinawa salt Shimamasu, pickled in white plum vinegar, and shiso leaf. All operations such as sunicashi of shiso are done carefully by hand.

This item is very salty so just a little is needed to enhance dishes.

Made with red shiso leaf, sea salt, plum vinegar 100g

Producer: Ryujin Natural Food Center (Wakayama Prefecture) Product of Japan 100g package
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