Chouhaku-Kin Koji Spores- 100gr/200kg - Aspergillus OryzaeZoom

Chouhaku-Kin Koji Spores- 100gr/200kg - Aspergillus Oryzae

Chouhaku-Kin Koji Spores- 100gr/200kg - Aspergillus Oryzae
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Now offering a new strain of koji spores direct from Japan! This is a bulk amount suited more for the commercial producer or others wanting to make a large amount of product. The 100gr of seed fungus will produce 200kg of koji rice.

A special strain for making light miso, sweet sake, or shio koji (salt koji). Use for a lighter taste and milder flavor over a mugi or mame spore strain.

This is a koji starter seed made by a 300 years long-established store "Hishiroku." This is the best-suited koji starter for making koji rice.

This koji starter is from Chouhaku-kin variety, containing long hyphae and low rate of browning reaction.

Because this variety of koji starter is hard to discolor/change in color and will maintain its white color strongly, it's best for making koji rice, amazake (sweet sake), white miso, and other white-colored foods and drinks.

Compared to the 20g size of Choukaku-kin Koji Starter, the fungal power is stronger, so 100g of this koji starter can be used for 200kg of rice in koji-making (the weight of rice before adding water is 200 kg).

NOTE: This is a special order product from Japan and takes about one week to receive.
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