Tempeh Ragi Starter Spores - 500gr - Commercial - Rhizopus OligosporusZoom

Tempeh Ragi Starter Spores - 500gr - Commercial - Rhizopus Oligosporus

Tempeh Ragi Starter Spores - 500gr - Commercial - Rhizopus Oligosporus
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~ Vegan - GMO-Free - Gluten/Soy Free ~

Tempeh starter spores are needed to make tempeh. This cultured soy product is a great replacement for meat in many recipes from tacos, hamburgers, and our favorite...the grilled tempeh Reuben with raw sauerkraut! Buy tempeh starter here and start making commercial tempeh with this traditional spore starter!

We now offer premixed, ready to use spores in factory sealed 500-gram packets for the commercial producer.

One kg of dry soybeans prepared as directed will make 1.5 kgs of tempeh. Preparation time is less than 2 hours. Incubation time is about 24 hours at 85 F - 89 F (32 C). Kept cool and dry, Culture (starter) has a 12-month shelf life at full potency if kept dry in the refrigerator, and years if kept in the Freezer. Usage of tempeh starters ratio: 1kg soy beans: 2 grams starter 1 tablespoon vinegar.

Raprima tempeh starter is a Rhizopus Oligosprus based tempeh starter, produced in a controlled, totally safe environment and regularly tested by the Government. Daily used by more than 300.000 tempeh producers in Indonesia, not to mention thousands of international tempeh producers

Raprima tempeh starter is for the serious Tempeh makers, comes in factory sealed bags, with exp date, and batch numbers, contains rice powder, as media, and Rhizopus Oligosporus spores, made by Raprima, a well-known commercial tempeh inoculum starter producer from Bandung, Java.

This Raprima Tempeh Starter Kit can produce 900 Lbs. tempeh from beans, with 2 grams of starter, accordantly to the producer 500 grams could make 450 Lbs fresh tempeh per package.

Does NOT contains MSG, SOY products, and is GMO-free!

Note for Returning Customers: We keep a limited stock of tempeh starter on hand. To keep your stock without interruption please place your order 1 to 2 weeks ahead of time. This will allow time for the tempeh starter spores to clear USA customs.

Make your own Delicious Tempeh with Ragi Tempe RAPRIMA Inokulum Starter from Original Indonesian style tempeh starter. Ragi Tempe RAPRIMA Inokulum Starter makes a beautiful and perfect white tempeh, without the formation of black spots, contains Rhizopus spores in high quantities and free of pathogenic bacteria.
Perfect for vegetarian/vegan diets.

This culture is best suited for a person with some culturing experience. However, you can see the complete instructions under our Tempeh Instructions section.

Note: About the 2012 recall of tempeh starter... Our Tempeh starter spores are not from the source of the USA outbreaks and are safe and free of human pathogens.

Each batch of spores are factory sealed and tested viable, contaminate free, and ready to produce high-quality tempeh. Two grams of starter for 1kg of soybeans. Makes up to 250kg or 500+ lbs of finished tempeh.
A product of Indonesia.
Tempe RAPRIMA Inokulum production by PT. Aneka Fermentasi Industri (AFI) Bandung - Indonesia. Technology License : Pusat Penelitian Kimia LIPI

BPOM RI MD 256928001051
LPPOM 01311082190113

Number one selling brand in Indonesia, RAPRIMA!
As with most spores, this product is not organically certified
Contains only white rice flour and Rhizopus oligosporus spores.
Does not contain MSG or preservatives.
Tempeh starter medium is organic sterile rice powder.

Net Wt: 500 grams in the manufacturer's sealed packaging. Order 2 and save 10%!
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